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Printing jobs often require lamination and backing and we have a workshop dedicated to these important finishing techniques. Any printed piece can be laminated with a glossy, matt or semi-matt finish, and mounted on any material from foam board to wood, composite panel, corrugated plastic or acrylic glass, among others.

Our facility also does floor lamination, both soft and granulated.


Print Works is constantly looking to hire outstanding individuals with a track record of achievement in their area of specialization. We have career opportunities for engineers, technicians, sales executives and many more fields of specialty.

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We have operations in Lebanon and UAE:
Karantina: +961 (1) 57 77 72
Bechara el Khoury: +961 (1) 33 44 14/15
UAE, Printworks Mediatech
Deira, Dubai: +971 (4) 266 9997

Stay tuned to our fun and exciting collection of Making-of Videos that cover processes, techniques and more...

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