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Do you cover the entire territory?


Our installation teams work throughout Lebanon and the UAE.

How to get an estimate?

Our dedicated account managers are always on hand to respond to your requests. We aim to prepare estimates quickly, but keep in mind that complex jobs require more time to quote for as we include all relevant costs in advance so you don’t have to worry about hidden or unexpected charges later on. 

What are the opening hours?

Our production and installation units run 24/7.

Our client opening hours are as follows:

  • Beirut: Monday till Friday 9am till 6pm and Saturday 9am till 1pm
  • Dubai: Saturday till Thursday 9am till 6pm and exceptionally on Friday for urgent jobs 
Do you conduct a site survey?


Site surveys are conducted before quotations are prepared to ensure the estimate we send you is fully comprehensive and takes into account exact measurements and installation requirements. 

Does Print Works arrange for all permits?

A permit is required for any and all outdoor installations. We liaise with the general directorate on your behalf to obtain the permit. The permit number will be pasted or printed directly on the visual.

What is Pantone?

Pantone is a set of standard printing colors, each of which is identified by a number. You can buy a Pantone swatch book containing samples of each color. Some computer graphics software allow colors to be specified as Pantone numbers. Even though a computer monitor can only show an approximation to some of the colors, our software can output a color separation for each Pantone color, enabling us to exactly reproduce original colors.

Must we provide a proof?

Proofs provided by the client enable us to ensure that our output matches your requirements. We, in turn, send the client a proof before printing the final product. 

Is installation cost included in the price?

All estimates include the cost of installation based on a site survey.

Do you offer displays for rent?


We rent out display materials, including roll-up, pop-ups and flagpoles, among others. 

Is white considered a printing colour?

Traditional offset and digital printing do not include white in the printing, however our HP FB 500 flat bed UV printer has a white-ink option for printing on all rigid and soft surfaces (up to 6 cm width).

Are my files treated confidentially?


Your files are treated with the utmost confidentiality. No visitor has access to any client files.

Do we have to provide all the artwork?


Print Works is specialized in production and installation. We do not design campaigns, but our pre-production team can adapt existing artwork to suit different sizes according to site requirements and limitations. 

Do you dismantle installations?


Our estimates include the cost of dismantling installations and transporting materials to a destination of your choice. You will however need to send a representative to be present during the dismantling.

Do you ship to other countries?


Yes, we can ship prints and stands worldwide.

Do you send proof of installation?


We take pictures of all installations upon completion and send them to the client via email.

Do you deliver?


Our delivery teams travel across both countries.

What materials can you print on?


We can print on any rigid or soft material. Different technics and machines are used depending on the material selected. Please refer to our Workshops section for further details.

Do you give a warranty on life span of your printing?


Expectations for the life span of color sharpness and brightness vary depending on the media used. We guarantee all our print jobs based on these standard expectations. 

Have some questions?

Write our friendly service team: Contact Service

We have operations in Lebanon and UAE:
Karantina: +961 (1) 57 77 72
Bechara el Khoury: +961 (1) 33 44 14/15
UAE, Printworks Mediatech
Deira, Dubai: +971 (4) 266 9997
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